Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Gakuen Alice

O mais novo animê que comecei assistir é o "Gakuen Alice". 学園アリス ou Gakuen Arisu.

Gakuen (academia) Alice é uma série baseada num mangá homônimo de Tachibana Higuchi, publicado na revista Hana to Yume.

Natsume e Mikan

Este anime conta uma história sobre Mikan e Hotaru, duas amigas de 10 anos que cresceram juntas no interior, só que um dia repentinamente a Hotaru se muda para uma outra escola localizada na cidade.

Querendo reencontrar a Hotaru, a Mikan vai até academia chamada Alice, só que nessa academia, só pode entrar quem possuir um poder misterioso chamado alice.

O estilo desse anime mistura vida escolar, comédia e fantasia.

Personagens principais:

Mikan Sakura (佐倉蜜柑, Sakura Mikan) aka Polka-dots, Ichigo-kara (Strawberries girl) Age: 10, Female

Mikan is the protagonist of the story. She is an energetic, good-natured girl, but is clumsy. She is an orphan who used to live with her grandfather in the country. She has been friends with Hotaru since second grade. Mikan left her grandfather and her home to go after Hotaru when she transferred to Alice Academy. She was then accepted to Alice Academy by Narumi-sensei and could attend Alice Academy with Hotaru and many other children with extraordinary powers. Her "Alice," is the power to nullify the Alice of others, which is the reason why the Academy administration keeps an eye on her. Voiced by: Kana Ueda

Hotaru Imai (今井 蛍, Imai Hotaru) Age: 10, Female

Hotaru Imai is Mikan's best friend. She is extremely intelligent and rational. During the story, though she may appear to be rather cold and indifferent on the surface, it is apparent that she genuinely cares for Mikan. Her Alice is that of Invention, and during her time at the country with Mikan and her grandfather, she created many strange but useful inventions, often made to look like animals. Hotaru breaks the fourth wall by teaching the audience about her inventions. The other characters see her explaining her inventions to apparently no one. Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya

Natsume Hyuuga (日向 棗, Hyūga Natsume) aka Black Cat, Natsume-kun Age: 10, Male

Natsume is a genius and ditches class frequently throughout the story. He is thoroughly unhappy with the school, and is suspicious of the intentions of adults. He is paired up as Mikan's "partner" by the their mostly-absent class teacher, Narumi. He possesses the Alice of Fire, and is classified into the Dangerous ability type. He is generally moody and silent, but seems to have softened only to Mikan. During the anime, there are hints that his family perished in a fire that burned down the village, which may have been due to Natsume's fire Alice. Voiced by: Romi Paku

Ruka with his rabbit sitting beside NatsumeRuka Nogi (乃木流架, Nogi Ruka) aka Ruka-pyon Age: 10, Male

Ruka is Natsume's childhood friend and often referred by Mikan throughout the story as "Ruka-pyon". He has a gentle and pleasant personality that balances out that of Natsume's. His animal pheromone Alice allows him to get cozy with animals, a fact that he is embarrassed about and is often blackmailed over but despite this, he often carries a rabbit with him. He often acts as cold as Natsume to stay friends with the other boy. Voiced by: Miwa Yasuda

Narumi (鳴海, Narumi) Age: 27, Male

Narumi is the homeroom teacher of Mikan's class. He teaches Japanese and often deals with Natsume when he gets in trouble or tries to break out. He has the human pheromone alice; he can make older people do what he wants, but children pass out. Mikan calls Narumi "father" because she misses her grandfather but Narumi is too young to be a "grandfather" so Narumi ask Mikan to call him "father" instead. Later in the manga, it is found that he harbored unrequited feelings for Mikan's mother and also proven that he is not Mikan's father but he made a promise to Mikan's mother that he will take care of Mikan during her stay in the Academy. Voiced by: Akira Ishida

Já assisti até o episódio 19 e agora estou tentando encontrar um episódio 20 legendado em inglês na Net.

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